Massage At Your Home

Why deal with traffic when I can come to you? I’m situated in Bothell and my zone of travel reaches South to Seattle and North to Everett.
I practice primarily Swedish Relaxation Massage & Therapeutic / Deep Tissue Swedish massage. No upcharges for different modalities or techniques, you’re paying for my time and experience.

60 Minute Massage : $105
90 Minute Massage : $145

Swedish Massage: Relaxation is the name of the game here. Prepare to jump on the table and then wake up an hour later feeling like a bowl of jello.

Therapeutic Massage: This is where we get more in depth with the muscles / problem areas to work out tension and tonicity. Deeper pressure, Trigger point work (Focused sustained pressure over a muscle body) and Stretching are used to bring the body back to center. That kink under your shoulder blade won’t know what hit it!

Massage time indicates the amount of hands-on time of massage that you will receive. Please plan on the appointment taking an additional 15-20 minutes , time for setup/teardown and a quick intake to discuss what you’d like to accomplish in todays massage session

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